The Importance of Complying With Liquor Licensing Laws

AlcoholDuty manager, Mr Firth and company of a hotel on Kangaroo Island has pleaded guilty to seven offences under the liquor licensing laws after a drunk patron was served alcohol for a period of nine hours before being killed in a car accident on his way home.

Mr Read was served 20 drinks and purchased six cans of rum before he went home. The duty manager served drinks to Mr Read as he continued to tell him he wouldn’t drive home.

“[He said] he wasn’t going to drive his car home … that he’d made arrangements to stay in town overnight at a friend’s place,” Mr Firth told the hearing.

Mr Firth said a number of people drink and drive on the island due to the lack of public transport available and no police station.

Brevet Sergeant Brannan said “the offending was extremely serious and the court needed to send a clear message that intoxicated people should not be served more alcohol.”