Taylors 80 Acres Classic Dry White

2b58c943d9586a5ebf520d1d9691afb2By Travis Schultz

There are times when the palate craves a really good white but the wallet calls for restraint, and if you’ve discovered the Taylors 80 Acres Classic Dry White, you’ve probably found the perfect compromise.

The 2008 release has now lost its greenish tinge in the glass and the tropical fruit nose is now even more pronounced.  Although the blend is primarily Riesling, the small amounts of Sauvignon Blanc and Gewurztraminer make it an aromatic style and add guava and dried pawpaw characters to the middle, before the steely flintiness of the Clare Valley Riesling provides an acidic crispness to the finale.  At only around $15 a bottle, I doubt there’s better value on the shelf!

Our wine reviewer, Travis Schultz, is managing partner of Schultz Toomey O’Brien Lawyers and lover of fine food and wine



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