Fee Policy

We take the time to fully understand your circumstances and identify the scope of work that will be involved in gaining the best possible outcome. We can then provide you with an estimate of total costs. We ensure that you are aware of costs and your rights from the outset so as to help eliminate any nasty surprises and provide updates before you start to negotiate a final settlement.

Our fees for Family law and Litigation matters are charged in accordance with the High Court Scale of Fees because we put you and your interests first.

It's all part of being a truly local and community based firm.

We have a specific fee arrangement in place for Wills and Estate litigation matters. For further information, go to Wills and Estate Disputes.

For some litigation matters, we will act on your behalf on a "no win, no fee" basis.

How does No Win - No Fee work?

Under the No Win - No Fee arrangement, if your claim is unsuccessful you may not need to pay any legal fees. If your claim is successful, however, even with the No Win - No Fee arrangement you may be charged legal fees which may include a 'success fee'.

A success fee is typically a percentage added to the final costs.

Is No Win - No Fee available in all cases?

STOLaw offer No Win - No Fee arrangements for all areas of compensation law including asbestos-related diseases, workers claims, compensation claims, motor vehicle claims and medical law claims.

However in some cases, such as complex medical law claims, with the No Win - No Fee you may be required to contribute to the upfront cost of the initial investigative reports. We will assess and discuss with you any likely additional costs before you agree to be our client.

The No Win - No Fee arrangement is generally not available in non-compensation claim cases such as family and employment law or commercial litigation.

Can anyone ask for No Win - No Fee? 

We offer No Win - No Fee arrangements on a case-by-case basis. Before we will accept your case on a No Win - No Fee basis we must be satisfied that:

  • Your claim has legal merit
  • Without the No Win - No Fee arrangement you could not afford to take legal action
  • You are fully aware of any likely costs to prepare and run your case
  • You are informed of the risk of paying the other party's costs if your claim is unsuccessful. This is a potential risk in all litigation.

Will there be any extra expenses?

In most legal matters, you will be required to incur expenses for services provided by other parties. These expenses are called disbursements.

Examples of disbursements include fees charged by courts, doctors, experts and barristers

In litigation matters, disbursements are usually recoverable, in total or in part, from the other party if the case is successful. All reasonably incurred disbursements that cannot be recovered from the other party will form part of the legal costs payable by you.

We may require you to make a contribution towards the disbursements incurred or to be incurred on your behalf. If you are unable to fund disbursements yourself, we can offer you access to funds through a Litigation Funder. Your lawyer will discuss this with you. The Funder will provide you with a finance facility to cover disbursements and we will use these funds when bills are payable for services provided by other parties.

In compensation matters, at the conclusion of your case, your lawyer will deduct from the compensation you receive, the total amount owed to the Litigation Funder plus interest, and fees and charges that may have accrued over the duration of your claim.

You will be reimbursed these amounts if they are recoverable from the other party.