Shingleback Salmon Rosé 2014

ShinglebackWith the worst of winter behind us and the buds and blooms of Spring poking their reluctant heads out to sun themselves in anticipation of clear blue skies, it’s a perfect time of year to put some pink (Rosé that is) on your table at your next Sunday lunch.

Rosé is an obvious compromise between the bold, juicy, red berries of a heavy winter red and the fragrance and perfume of a summer white.  And at my place, last Sunday saw the Shingleback Salmon Rosé 2014 matching a zesty lemon chicken risotto on the deck’s outdoor dining table.

Rosé is a style normally served in its youth and heavily chilled, but if you can have enough patience, the Salmon Rose becomes delightfully floral as it warms in the glass and delivers on the front palate all of the ripe strawberries and red rose petals that appear on the nose.

It’s definitely a lighter style and more savoury than sweet, but the Salmon Rosé finishes well with enough gentle acidity to retain its structural integrity right through to its flavoursome finale.

It’s only available at Vintage Cellars, but at the $16 price point, it’s probably not a big ask.

Our wine reviewer, Travis Schultz, is managing partner of Schultz Toomey O’Brien Lawyers and lover of fine food and wine

August Young Achiever – Max Warshawsky

August Young AchieverThis morning we congratulated and awarded 17yr old Max Warshawsky of Chancellor State College for his sporting and academic achievements. Max is an outstanding downhill mountain bike rider and is part of the Junior Downhill World Cup team. Max only recently returned from the US where completed in New York and is actually leaving for Norway tomorrow to compete in the next Downhill event. Congratulations Max and we wish you all the best with your next competition. Thanks to our sponsors Hot 91 for the outside broadcast, Sunshine Coast Daily Seven Local News – Sunshine Coast.

Legal issues to consider when starting a business

legal-issuesWhen you are starting a business there are certain laws that you must consider and find out whether they apply to your new business. You may want to consult with a legal professional who can assist you with the legal requirements that you must comply with.

In order to stay compliant with your business, below are six legal issues you should consider.

  1. Business registrations
  2. Licences
  3. Privacy Act
  4. Anti-bullying Laws
  5. Independent contractors
  6. Unfair dismissal

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A Silver Lining For Business

A Silver Lining for BusinessIn what may be an ironic twist of fate, the waning of the mining boom may actually be good for Australian Business. Before you start calling me crazy and threat to look me up, have a think about this. If recent data shows that wages are falling in real terms due to inflation out stripping wage rises, then that can only mean margin expansion for business as their prices remain aligned with the CPI but the cost of their labour actually reduces. This certainly is not good for the consumer nor is it good for workers, but the end of the mining boom has certainly assisted many businesses to constrain pay rises however, it has not necessarily prevented them from increasing their prices in line with inflation.

And my argument is probably supported by the “sentiment” surveys done by most of major banks. Where consumer confidence is falling and the purse strings are tightening, the graph for business confidence is heading in the opposite direction with many businesses actually planning on hiring more staff and expanding.

I am not going to suggest that it is necessarily the best thing for the Australian economy as a whole, but at least from the perspective of small business, if you do not directly engage with the mining sector, the end of the mining boom could be a blessing in disguise.

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Local lawyer accidently given oven cleaner to cure hiccups!

A local lawyer from Runaway Bay has made a claim for compensation after her oesophagus and internal organs were burnt at a local restaurant.

Ms Merrifield suffered from hiccups whilst dining at the Point Paradise restaurant on the Gold Coast, when a staff member mistook oven cleaner for vinegar, and offered the oven cleaner to Ms Merrifield as a cure for her hiccups.

Ms Merrifield has since had to undergo 37 operations and is unable to eat solid foods. She has also had to abandon her legal career as a result of her injuries.

You can read more here:

Father told by child protection worker “we were overreacting” when he called about sex abuse of his daughter

A father, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, contacted Families SA when he found out his daughter was being abused by her stepbrother. He was told an investigation would start within a fortnight after his call, however nothing began for six weeks.

When the investigation did occur in late 2012, one Families SA worker told him “we were overreacting. She told my wife that we had been coaching my daughter just to get back at my former wife,’’ he said. “… in her opinion, nothing sexual had occurred and the case was closed.’’

In the initial investigation, his daughter was never interviewed about the disclosures and he said it was a complete “joke”.

The father called the abuse hotline and made another report, in hope that it would reopen the case and prompt a fresh investigation. During this time, his former wife received a confession from her stepson about the abuse. Due to the father’s persistence, the investigation was reopened and his daughter was interviewed by a trained psychologist, under police supervision.

“The police and child protection were of the opinion there was no doubt whatsoever she was telling the truth. This is what Families SA should have been doing from day one,’’ he said.

A teenage boy was charged with seven counts of sexually abusing his stepsister however, the case has since been adjudicated and has been directed to the family conference process.

Jennifer Rankine Minister for Education and Child Development has apologised to the Adelaide father, and the Families SA workers have been disciplined for their early roles in the investigation.


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Bankruptcy Legislation Has Teeth

Bankruptcy Legislation Has TeethAt times, the act of going bankrupt can be seen by many as a “soft option” where a person gets into financial difficulty but the recent jailing of a bankrupt by a local District Court judge highlights that the bankruptcy legislation has real teeth for bankrupts who don’t comply with it.

In the case recently before Judge Robertson, an undischarged bankrupt, Wayne Panther, received $275,000.00 from a couple who took the funds from their superannuation retirement fund so they could acquire goods and services from Mr Panther who was a then 49 year old boat builder.  Mr Panther failed to inform the couple that he was in fact an undischarged bankrupt and that they would be handing over a good part of their life savings to a person whose estate was still controlled by a trustee in bankruptcy.

Ultimately, the couple lost their money.  Little did they know that Mr Panther was already on a period of 12 months probation for forging a document.

In handing down his sentence, Judge Robertson observed that this legislation is in place not just to help manage the financial affairs of people who find themselves in a financial predicament but also to protect the public from people who have demonstrated an inability to manage their financial affairs.  In the end result, Mr Panther was sentenced to 19 months of imprisonment.

The lesson for anyone considering bankruptcy is simple – make sure you understand the full consequences of bankruptcy and the restrictions that it will impose on your business activities, before using the process to wipe the financial slate clean.

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New Laws Surrounding Surrogacy in Thailand

'New Laws Surrounding Surrogacy in Thailand' The controversy over baby Gammy has headlined the news for the past couple of weeks. The Farnell family were accused by surrogate mother, Pattaramon Chanbua, for abandoning baby Gammy, who has Down syndrome, and only taking his healthy twin sister back to Australia.  However, David and Wendy have said they didn’t abandon Gammy because of his disability, but they were told Gammy had a heart condition and would die soon.

Since then, numerous reports have come about regarding David Farnell’s conviction as a child sex offender in the 1990s. David’s daughter, Jane, has defended her father stating that “he is a reformed man and a good parent”.

The scandal has now sparked debate over commercial surrogacy in Thailand and the toughening of Laws in Australia.

On Thursday, two couples who had surrogate babies were stopped by immigration officials at Bangkok International Airport and were not allowed to leave the country. The Australian Embassy in Bangkok have been advised by Thai immigration authorities that “parents will require an order of the court confirming the birth mother has given up her rights to custody of the child.” In response a spokesman for Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs said “We strongly urge Australians entering Thailand for the purposes of commercial surrogacy to seek independent legal advice in both Thailand and Australia before doing so”.

Our Australian laws on surrogacy are well thought out and considerate of all involved to ensure the transitioning process is seamless.  This means the debacle that occurred in Thailand cannot be duplicated here as the contractual obligations of all parties who carry out surrogacy in Australia are very clear and understood by all.  If you are considering surrogacy, then we recommend you firstly understand all parties legal rights and seek advice from an Accredited Family Law Specialist should be the first step in this very fragile area of law.

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Coast community bands together for good cause

Article written by Fresh PR & Marketing

More than 560 members of the Sunshine Coast community will once again come together for the annual Wishlist Spring Carnival Lunch on Friday September 19, raising funds to purchase an Endoscopic Ultrasound (EUS) for the Gastroenterology Service to help fight cancer in our local hospitals.

Guests will revel in an afternoon of entertainment and fundraising at the Caloundra Events Centre with popular television personalities Natalie Barr and Mark Beretta, leading Australian hairstylist Joh Bailey and one of Australian’s favourite sons, Rob Mills.

Rob first came to the nation’s attention more than a decade ago as a finalist on the first series of Australian Idol, but has since been a star of stage and screen with roles in Legally Blonde, Grease, Young Talent Time and also raising $40,000 for The Reach Foundation on Channel Nine’s Celebrity Apprentice.

In addition to the great entertainment, the Wishlist Spring Carnival Lunch, sponsored by Coastline BMW amongst others, will see over 100 auction items go under the hammer and organising committee chairman Travis Schultz said guests have the opportunity to take home a wide variety of coveted auction items.

“Thanks to the Coast community’s generosity we last year raised over $150,000 in less than four hours,” Mr Schultz said.

“This year’s list includes everything from holiday packages, VIP seating at major events, artwork and advertising packages so our guests are sure to find something special they would like to bid on.”

Some of the major auction items going under the hammer on the day include an overseas holiday package valued at $20,000 donated by Go Transit, an Australian Open tennis package in the ANZ Marquee in Melbourne, 100 bottles of wine from Travis Schultz’s private cellar, BMW Drive Package on Phillip Island, a Joh Bailey Experience including lunch with Kerri-Anne Kennerley, bilateral laser eye surgery by Laser Sight, advertising packages from Hot 91.1, Zinc 96.1, Go Transit and the Sunshine Coast Daily, artworks by Raelean Hall, Miles Allen and Kendall and TV ad production by Sound Images.

Lisa Rowe, CEO of Wishlist said the Sunshine Coast community is always so generous not only in supporting the event on the day but when it came to donating auction items.

“The equipment purchased through this year’s funds will mean Sunshine Coast residents will no longer have to travel to Brisbane for an accurate diagnosis of the ‘staging’ of an illness related to pancreatic, biliary, oesophageal and rectal cancer patients,” Ms Rowe said.

“The event, which is so professionally organised by Travis and his committee, has consistently delivered amazing results, with each year’s fundraising efforts outdoing the last and making such a difference to the lives of the Sunshine Coast community.”

Last year’s event saw guests raise funds for the ongoing implementation of the diversional therapy program within Nambour Hospital’s children’s ward, bringing in Delta dogs, music therapists and yoga therapists to help brighten the day of kids spending time in hospital.

This year’s Wishlist Spring Carnival Lunch has sold out months ahead of the event and aims to match the funds raised in previous years.

“We are looking forward to another great event and hope that the Sunshine Coast Community continues their generosity for such a worthy cause,” Mr Schultz said.
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Fresh PR & Marketing
07 August 2014

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