Wolf Blass Altitude Chardonnay 2015

Wolf Blass Altitude ChardonnayChardonnay is a style that tends to polarise palates at times, but is surely the noblest of white varietals and arguably, the most versatile grape that wine makers have in their armory.

There are times that a luscious, mouth-filling creamy and textural white is required and others, when a lean and tight (if not acidic) wine is the order of the day.  And when that latter situation arises, you could look no further than the Wolf Blass Altitude Chardonnay 2015.

Aptly named from the elevated vineyards of the Adelaide Hills, the Altitude has benefited from the region’s cooler climate and milder sunny days to show a natural crispness that belies the intensity of its tropical fruit nose.  There are abundant nectarine and peach characters at the front but with a hint of toasted oakiness that evolves across the palate.  It is not the heavy, over oaked or malo bolstered type that Kath and Kim would make their staple, but rather, a crisp, light and zesty style that retains its modesty through the long and lean conclusion.

I personally prefer a little more fullness in my Chardies, but at only $20 a bottle, it would be a perfect partner for a fig, pear and buffalo mozzarella salad.

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